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English Abstracting for Non English research journals

Abstracting is the process of creating a summary of a published work, typically in the form of a short paragraph or a few sentences. English abstracting is the process of creating an English summary of a published work that was originally written in a language other than English.

English abstracting is often used for non-English research journals to make the research more widely accessible to researchers who may not be fluent in the language in which the original work was written. By providing an English abstract, researchers who do not speak the language of the original work can quickly and easily determine whether an article is relevant to their research and decide whether to read the full article.

English abstracting is typically done by a professional translator or a native English speaker who is proficient in the language of the original work. The goal of English abstracting is to create a summary that accurately reflects the content and main points of the original work, while also being written in clear, concise, and easy-to-understand English.

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