Teckiz Automation system - Stockholm

Educational Website

This system is strategically designed to offer valuable assistance to educational institutions, encompassing schools, colleges, coaching centres, and universities. Its scope encompasses the following functionalities:

· Facilitates website administrators in seamlessly incorporating institutes, departments, or schools within the same integrated system.

· Supports the streamlined management of subjects and course-related information.

· Empowers administrators to update or create new messages for effective communication with users or visitors. This includes messages from high-ranking officials such as the Vice-Chancellor or Director.

· Encompasses a comprehensive module dedicated to managing alumni. This module enables the sorting of alumni by achievements like medals and stories, thereby enabling the efficient organization of alumni events and maintaining records of past students.

· Provides a platform to elaborate on the facilities and services offered by the institute, thereby giving potential stakeholders a clear understanding of what the institution has to offer.

· Features a dedicated website segment that simplifies the creation of profiles and contact information for teachers and other staff members.

· Offers a dynamic section for news and events, complete with the functionality to send email notifications to subscribers, ensuring that important updates and happenings are effectively communicated.