Teckiz Automation system - Stockholm

Research Journal

This project has been devised to grant complete rights to editorial teams working on articles. It is a venture aimed at assisting editorial boards in the following aspects:

· Crafting web pages in alignment with the specifications outlined by the Higher Education Commission.

· Displaying data at the contact level, within pages such as Editorial Board or Advisory Board.

· Generating news content and featuring them on the carousel of the homepage.

· Sending out email notifications to subscribers, editorial board members, authors, and others.

· Maintaining records of authors and providing image-based profiles for each author.

· Exerting control over volumes and issues, categorizing them into Archive, Current, Coming, etc.

· Tweaking the indexing of articles within specific issues or volumes.

· Governing the metadata for articles, encompassing aspects like Title, Keywords, Abstract, etc.

· Facilitating sharing of articles on social media and other platforms.

· Offering detailed statistics at the article level.

· Implementing a system for managing journal rights.

· Providing publishing licenses.

· Extending support for various languages.

· Enabling integration with both local and international indexing platforms like IndexOfUrduJournals, DOAJ, Web of Sciences, SCOPUS, and others.

· The system is built upon the foundation of the Open Journal System, specifically designed for online journal publication.