Teckiz Automation system - Stockholm

Research Journal


This project is designed to give full rights to Editorial teamwork with Articles. A project which helps editorial boards with:

·             Design web pages as per the requirement of the Higher Education Commission.

·             Present Contacts level data, in pages like Editorial board / advisory board.

·             Generate News and place them in the home page carousel.

·             Send Email notifications to subscribers/editorial board/authors etc.

·             Control records of Authors, Image level representation of each author.

·             Control on Volume / Issue to place them in Archive / Current / Coming etc.

·             Adjustment in indexing of articles in Issue / Volume.

·             Control on Article level metadata like Title, Keywords, Abstract, etc.

·             Article level sharing on social media and other resources.

·             Article level statistics is available.

·             Journal Rights Control system.

·             Publishing license available.

·             All languages support available especially Pakistani languages, Urdu, English, Arabic, Punjabi, Saraiki, Sindhi, Baluchi, Pashto, etc.

·             Integration with local and International indexing sites available IndexOfUrduJournals, DOAJ, WebofSciences, SCOPUS, etc.


·             System is based on Open Journal System which is designed to publish journals online.