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Journal publications on Teckiz cloud vs OJS repository

There are a few key differences between OJS hosting a journal website on a single server and hosting it in a Teckiz cloud environment:

  1. Scalability: A cloud environment is highly scalable, meaning that it can easily handle fluctuations in traffic and user demand. This is especially important for a journal website, as traffic may vary significantly depending on the time of year and the popularity of specific articles. With a single server, it may be more difficult to handle sudden spikes in traffic.

  2. Reliability: A cloud environment is generally more reliable than a single server, as it is designed to handle failures and outages. If one server in the cloud goes down, the website can still be served from other servers. This is not the case with a single server, which could go down and take the website with it.

  3. Cost: The cost of hosting a website in a cloud environment can vary significantly depending on the specific needs of the website. In general, however, a cloud environment may be more expensive than a single server, especially if the website requires a lot of resources or has very high traffic.

Overall, a cloud environment may be the better choice for a journal website if scalability, reliability, and potentially higher cost are not a concern. If cost is a major concern, or if the website does not expect to have very high traffic, hosting the website on a single server may be a more cost-effective option.

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